Web Performance Office Hours

Bi-weekly office hour sessions with live solutioning for Shopify Plus merchants

During office hours, you will be working directly with our Shopify merchant performance team and alongside fellow Shopify merchants. 

Each office hours event will include live solutioning. This means that we will select a few live storefronts to evaluate. You’ll learn how we approach testing and fixing specific performance issues.

The sessions will be technical in nature and best for theme developers to attend, though we can also answer general questions about performance metrics.

If you're a Shopify Plus merchant, contact Shopify for more details and to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join?

Any Shopify Plus merchant and their developer team.

Will these sessions be recorded?

No. To encourage open dialogue where we will be evaluating web performance, we will not record the sessions.

Can I attend more than one?

Of course!

What kind of questions can I ask?

These sessions will be focused on web performance. As such, our hosts are web performance experts at Shopify. They will not be able to answer questions about platform features and similar. Any question related to web performance is welcome.

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