Getting Started with Performance

When you're new to web performance, the mountain ahead of you can seem overwhelming. This page seeks to give you a good foundation in the fundamentals.

Background Fundamentals

First off, get started learning about why performance is important, how to make your organization performance-focused, and which metrics to focus on.

You may come across a lot of unfamiliar terms in the beginning of your learning journey. We compiled a list of commonly used terms to help you out.

Testing, Testing, Testing

Once you have the fundamentals under your belt, get your hands dirty with some testing. In the articles above, we introduced the concepts of real-user monitoring, or field testing, and lab testing. These articles offer step-by-step guides for both.

Continue your learning

Now it's time for you to take these background and testing skills and use them to start optimizing your site. Our techniques page contains some of the most common problems Shopify merchants run into and how to solve them.

Start optimizing